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Cheryl Gunn: "The Sun At Midnight"

On her EarthTone debut, keyboardist Cheryl Gunn brings a melodic sensibilty together with a strong feminine influence, resulting in a splendid landscape of vibrant musical color. With husband and co-collaborator Nicholas Gunn included on several tracks, this album has a familiar quality, yet is distinctive to Cheryl´┐Żs own musical gifts.

Blending lyrical melodies, lush and sensual production textures and the bright, provocative images of titles like "Seeker's Quest," "Mirror of Mercy," "Gossamer Wings" and "The Forever Garden," the versatile keyboardist/composer shares an immensely personal journey towards self-discovery with her listeners. Helping her convey this powerful message of personal redemption are flutist husband Nicholas Gunn -one of instrumental music's most popular artists who recently signed to EarthTone -as well as Andy Abad-Garcia (guitars), Umberto Ferria (viola) and cellist Amanda Archer.
For Gunn, one of the true joys of creating instrumental music is allowing the colors of the instruments and sounds to convey the meaning just as a lyric would in a pop song.
"I love the idea of letting the listener ascribe a personal meaning to the songs I write," she says. "For me, The Sun At Midnight is about hope, personal faith and inspiration". "In my mind, even at the bleakest times, there is always hope, and just because you can't see the sun doesn't mean it doesn't exist. That theme, however, can be applied in many ways. Ultimately, its meaning lies within one's own imagination. On one hand it could represent a ray of light in one's darkest hour, or for someone who's been through the hard times, it could simply be a full moon on a clear night lighting up the landscape as the sun would during the day. I love to encourage people to create their own place in my music, to get lost in it as a soothing escape from an often stressful world."
After establishing herself as a versatile musical presence on Nicholas' bestselling album Crossroads -composing, producing, arranging, engineering and mixing virtually the entire recording-Cheryl Gunn came into her own with her popular 1997 solo debut Vanity of Venus, a perfectly realized weaving of modern love and the romantic spirit of mythological legends. "Working together with Nick on these projects and being together practically 24 hours every day has been tremendously challenging, but also highly rewarding," she says. "We find that our strength and weaknesses compliment each other, and make for a successful relationship both personally and professionally."

Cheryl Gunn's EarthTone Records debut The Sun At Midnight is a radiant ode to maintaining optimism and hope in a world all too often filled with darkness.

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