Ring Of Gold
by Ah-Kin (New Age)

As the sun sets and the magic begins, become a part of this mystical Mayan “Moon Dance,” with its pan pipe sounds, traditional flutes, native drums and shakers. Its ultra contemporary feel is accented by the use ancient rhythms and light-spirited, heart-dancing melodies. Listen and it will flow deep inside you, touching the ancestral union we all share.

# Title Time Listen
1 Waterfalls 5:56 mp3
2 Shooting Star 4:47 mp3
3 New Fire 4:06
4 Land Of Coppers 5:28
5 Ring Of Gold 5:18 mp3
6 Full Moon Dance 3:57
7 Can Cun 5:25
8 Let’s Go, Let’s Go 4:56 mp3
9 Children Of The Moon 5:26
10 Caressing Wind 4:17
11 Rain God 1:57

Album Cover

Earthtone Record
July 13, 1999

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Music Composed and Performed by Ah-Kin
Produced by Cesar Regino and Arturo Garcia Orozco
Recorded and Mixed at Tulum Studios, Mar Vista, CA
Tracks Re-Mixed by Stonecoat at the Cave (3,4,5,6,7)
Additional mixes by Chas Ferry (1,2)
Re- Mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland, Seattle WA
Design by Andreas Adamec
Arturo Garcia Orozco: samponas, sea shells, silver flutes, quenas & clay drums
Cesar Regino: quenas, tlapitzalli, shakers & clay drums
Gabriela Sanchez vocals on “Let’s Go, Let’s Go”
Carlos A. Arcila Sosa: translations from Maya
Lic. Juan G. Regino: translation to Mazateco
Earthtone thanks: Rod Linnum, Tim Ewing, Ron Grollmus, Sharon Donohue, Beth Fath, Peter Plew
Ah-Kin thanks: Diane Salgado, Bertha Lomeli,Pierre Garreaud, Gustavo Borner and everybody at Earthtone